Highlights of 2018!

Highlights of 2018!

What a year it has been for The Readable Bible!

  • At the beginning of the year, there were four leaders in the project: Rod, Clyde, Lisa and Susan.
  • In April, Kathy became our project manager and blessed us all by bringing order and timeliness to our editing process.
  • In June, Dr. Brendan joined us as lead translator. He has reworked our New Testament translation and completed translation on 75% of the Old Testament.
  • Jeff, who was marketing manager for the New Living Translation for 10 years, joined us as our marketing manager. He is using his experience to put together some radio fundraising programs. Look for more news about this in 2019.
  • Larry, a Christian publishing leader of many years, became our vice president. He is guiding us in our publisher negotiations.
  • Our freelance editing team grew to 19 people.
  • Our Development Team grew to over 400 people. Many have made significant contributions to our text. The Readable Bible is much better due to their input.
  • The Pentateuch, Psalms, Gospels, Acts, Romans, and Corinthians have all reached the last step in editing.
  • We had a major publisher take an option to publish The Readable Bible, but due to a management change, they did not exercise their option.
  • A small independent publisher has told us that they would like to publish The Readable Bible, and another major publisher is taking a first look to determine if they are interested. We hope to enter into a contract early next year.
  • Two Christian radio networks have said they would be happy to do fundraising programs with us in 2019.

Praise God for his faithfulness to this project to make His word more accessible! We stand amazed at how He has blessed our work. People who see The Readable Bible send us lots of compliments and encouragement. We are excited to think that we will be helping tens of thousands read and comprehend the Bible.

Thank you for your prayers and support. You are a blessing to us. Keep praying that God will guide us, that we will listen to Him, and that we will complete this work as He directs.

May God’s blessing be on your 2019!

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